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What is Topikos

Topikos is an information platform. It has been created to provide you information around you. It is the information that you always need around your current location. When you are travelling or visiting new places, few questions that always pop in your head are:

What is current weather and how it is going to be over next few days
When you are hungry, you want to know where are nearest coffee shops, restaurants, fast-food places
When you are driving, you would always want to know where is next gas station if you are low on gas
If you have some emergency, where is next hospital or dispensary
How am I going to get these places

Topikos is a device tracker. It can track location of your phone or tablet as it goes from place to place. You can view tracking history of your mobile device over a period of time. There are endless utilities of this feature in Topikos. Some of the uses can be:

If you loose your phone, you will know where it was last seen and where it is now
Add location based reminders for your friends and family members